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The Deiro Family and the Church

Capella di Nativita di Maria

Capella di Nativita di Maria

In Italy, the Deiro's were Roman Catholics as far back as the church records were recorded--since the mid-16th century. The Deiro family built a small Catholic church on the outskirts of Salto in Deiro Inferiore dedicated to the Nativity of Mary--Capella di Nativita di Maria--which has been in daily use since 1590.

Attached to Capella di Nativita di Maria, but not visible in the above photograph, is the Deiro Great House, which has been renovated and modernized and is today home to several Deiro families.

Another church supported by the Deiro family is the 19th-century Chiesa San Giacomo Apostolico located in the center of the village of Salto pictured below. This fairly recent photograph shows the restoration and painting of the façade which was sponsored by two 20th-century Deiros: the son and daughter-in-law of Guido Deiro--Count Guido Roberto and the Countess Joan Deiro. On the church is a plaque recognizing the Count and Countess Deiro’s contributions to the renovation of the church. On the second story of the church are two large mosaics on each side of the half-circle window: Saint James (San Giacomo) and The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Chiesa San Giacomo Apostilico

Chiesa San Giacomo Apostolico

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