Guido Deiro
In Los Angeles

In 1940, Guido Diero left San Francisco and relocated to the North Broadway area of Los Angeles, an Italian American enclave where he opened the "Guido Deiro Conservatory of Music" at two locations. Although during this time his primary focus was on teaching and selling accordions, he still found opportunities to perform.

Guido met and became close friends with the operatic baritone and jazz singer Bert Rovere (known as The Host of the Coast), and sometimes accompanied him at Rovere's trendy Los Angeles restaurant and night club: Paris Inn, which featured singing waiters and a full orchestra and dance floor, and was a favorite hangout for Hollywood movie stars and starlets.

Guido Deiro and Bert Rovere, 1948

Guido Deiro and Bert Rovere, 1948
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Paris Inn Menu

Cover of souvenir photograph from Bert Rovere's Paris Inn
Image courtesy of Joyce at Vintage Paper.

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