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Title Page of Egypto
Accordion Music Publishing Co.
(AMPCO) Edition (1954)

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Egypto, originally known as Egipto, was recorded by Guido Deiro in September, 1912 and released by Columbia Records (COL C-2219, E-3976, 2400). The sheet music was published posthumously in 1954 by Guido's brother's firm: Accordion Publishing Co. (AMPCO), later known as Pietro Deiro Publications. This was the only piece by Guido which was published by Pietro.

The late accordion scholar and writer for Accordion World magazine, C. Hilding Bergquist, wrote,

    "Egipto is Guido Deiro's only larger-scale concert composition, and remained unpublished in sheet music for several decades. Meanwhile I had corresponded with Guido Deiro concerning it, and eventually he did arrange to have it published -- in a revised and lengthier form -- by his brother's (Pietro Deiro) publishing firm in New York City. Titled thereon as Egypto."

C. Hilding Bergquist, from a letter to Stanley Bozynski dated October 18, 1973.

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