Guido Deiro
Deiro's Son

Count Guido Although the great Guido Deiro passed away in 1950, he continues to live today through his music, and his son, Count Guido Roberto Deiro. Guido Jr. was the mastermind behind the comprehensive effort to educate the world about the true significance of his father's musical accomplishments by:
  • Donating the Deiro Archives to the City University of New York
  • Producing compact discs of his father's music
  • Creating a magnificent website to his father's memory
  • Restoring his father's 1929 Vitaphone sound film

This photograph of Count Guido in white tie with medals and decorations depicts him as the Grand Chancellor of the ancient chivalric order of the Sovereign Dynastic Hospitaller Order of St. John. He is also one of six Italian American members of the Guardia d'Onore d'Italia.

Guido Jr. with accordion

Guido Jr. wrote, "I was born on February 18th, 1938, to my father's fourth wife, Yvonne Teresa Le Baron de Forrest. The photograph at right shows me at the tender age of ten months with my first accordion.

"My father said they had to hide the accordion from me as I quickly learned how to make it work and drove everybody crazy holding the treble down and working the bellows non stop."

Guido Jr. with accordion

"This is an RKO Paramount Pictures audition photo taken in 1947. I didn't get the part. I played Lady of Spain, with a bellow shake, naturally."

Count & Countess Deiro

Count Deiro and his wife, the Countess Joan Marlene Deiro, at the 1999 world premiere of Star Trek The Resurrection in Las Vegas. Count Deiro is a former member of the Board of Directors of CineVegas, an International Film Festival and has been a member of the Screen Actor's Guild for over thirty years appearing in films, television and on stage donating his earnings as an actor and master of ceremonies to international charitable causes.

Italian Holiday

"Photo of me in front of La Posta Vecchia where the Countess and I like to take our summers north of Rome. The villa is built over the ruins of the roman emperor Caliguila's seaside estate. If you go down into the basement you can view the restored Roman frescos and walk on the original terazzo floor."

Fencing Referee Count Deiro is a professional FOC rated fencing referee and is credentialed by the Paris based Academie d'Armes Internationale and the United States Fencing Coaches Association (NCAA) with the distinguished title of Prevot' d'Armes in Foil, Epee' and Saber. He owns and directs, as an avocation, a number of fencing academies including the prestigious Salle du Masque Noir (School of the Black Mask) international competition club. The Count is a former Chairman of the Nevada Division of the United States Fencing Association and retired from personal competition at the 2000 USFA National Championships after winning a bronze medal in Saber and placing in the top ten in Foil while sporting 62 years. The photo depicts Prevot' d'Armes Count Deiro refereeing an Epee match at the 2001 USFA National Championships.

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