Guido Deiro
Marriage to Ruby Lang

Guido Deiro
Ruby Lang

After his marriages to Julia Tatro and Mae West, Deiro married two more times. In 1920 -- shortly after his divorce with Mae was finalized -- he married Ruby Lang, the leading soubrette (principal actress) at the Burlesque Theatre in Oakland, California.

She was born Ruby May Seater on May 5, 1892 and lived in Seattle during her childhood. She was one of four children of Thomas and Flora Seater. Ruby went into Vaudeville at a young age, became Ruby Lang and travelled extensively on the West Coast. She had a beautiful singing voice and performed in at least a couple of silent films. She was married several times. For some time in the 1940s she was employed by L.M. Dobbs of 291 Market Street, San Francisco, who later became her last husband. They retired in Florida years later while working at carnivals. Ruby died in Tampa in 1972.

Ruby's son (from a previous marriage), who was born in 1917, recollected Guido taking his mother and him to Breitenbush Hot Spring in Oregon when he was nine or ten years old. He said that when he went to San Francisco recently and had dinner in an Italian restaurant and happened to mention his connection to Guido Deiro, everyone knew who he was!

Ruby Lang
Ruby and Guido Embrace
Ruby Lang
Ruby inscribed this photograph to Guido:

To my husband, the most wonderful boy in the world. Ruby

Ruby Lang with Parasol

First two photographs and last photograph on this page courtesy of John Southard, Ruby Lang's great nephew.

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