Guido Deiro
Marriage to Yvonne Teresa Le Baron de Forrest

Yvonne Teresa Le Baron de Forrest

A very mature and striking seventeen year old Yvonne Le Baron de Forrest Deiro with three month old Guido Jr. in May 1938.

In 1937 Guido Deiro married Yvonne Teresa Le Baron de Forrest, who was born on March 4, 1920 in Seattle. She was the daughter of the French chanteuse and cabaret singer, Helen Cole (stage name). Yvonne bore Guido his only son, Guido Roberto Deiro.

Guido Jr. affectionately reminisced about his parents, "My mother was sixteen when she got pregnant, my father was fifty. They ran off to Reno to get married, as Yvonne was underage for marriage in California.

"Baby Guido was born February 18th, 1938 in Reno. Father had accordion studios in northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington, California and a rustic summer home on the outskirts of Reno. They lived there long enough for me to grow old enough to travel and then returned to their digs in San Francisco. They were divorced in Las Vegas (my mother established residency so she could get a quickie six week divorce) in late 1941."

Guido Jr. continued, "My mother is a story in her own right and the two of them together were nitroglycerin. After the divorce they had a loose relationship for several years and Guido moved to Los Angeles so he could see both Mae and my mother, both of whom now lived in Hollywood, and pursue career opportunities. I vividly recall his visits to Mae at the Ravenswood Apartments and other visits to society women in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. I was kept amused on these occasions by maids, butlers and sitters. Until he lost his health my father was a hell of man with the ladies."

Guido gave this photo to Yvonne

This photograph was given by Guido to Yvonne Le Baron de Forest in 1935 when they began their May/December relationship. Guido had been dating Yvonne's mother, "Helen Cole," who was appearing at the famous Fiore d'Italia cabaret in San Francisco. Guido inscribed the photograph: "To my Darling Yvonne, From your Guido."

Guido's Cadillac Roadster Guido celebrated his marriage to the young Yvonne and the birth of his first and only child by purchasing this 16 cylinder Cadillac Roadster. The car, second only to a Dusenberg in power and price was capable of 120 mph. The photo was taken on the lawn of the log home the family had purchased outside Reno. An inexperienced driver, Yvonne put the car into a tree on the road to Yerrington, Nevada, and totaled it, but luckily escaped injury to both herself and her baby.

Yvonne Teresa Le Baron de Forrest

Photo taken by a street photographer on Hollywood Boulevard in 1940. Guido relocated to Hollywood to seek opportunities to resurrect his career. The tension between Guido and Yvonne, who were to divorce within a year, is apparent. Guido Jr., oblivious to his parents estrangement, stares at the 10 carat diamond wedding ring on his mother's hand. Guido Deiro was famous for showering his wives and paramours with extravagant jewelry, furs and automobiles.
Yvonne Teresa Le Baron de Forrest

This vignette of Yvonne Le Baron de Forrest was taken a year after her 1941 Nevada divorce from Guido Deiro was finalized. She later married bookmaker, Sam "Baby Shoes" Prezant, an associate of the men who took over the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas after the demise of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. She resided there the remainder of her life, had another son (who became a Nevada attorney) and passed away in 1983 at the age of 63.

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